My mission is to create photographs that make people fall in love with your brand and offerings.


For me, photography is all about capturing detail and the passion behind a space or product. I live for the fact that I can grab my camera and capture photographs in a way that makes people think, “I need to hire *insert your name* to design my space” or "I need this *insert your product* in my life!".
Hi friend! I’m Cait, the photographer, strategist, and visionary behind Caitlin Antjé (AHN-TAY). I've spent many years, with a camera in my hand, photographing the beauty in life from places, food, and nostalgic details.

A few twists and turns later, after 6 years being in the portrait photography world, I discovered my passion for small businesses. I combined all my passions into a rebrand - architectural & brand photography.

The foundation of my business was laid in Cleveland, OH where I gained experience with a number of different local and national businesses. What started with shooting and styling for small product based businesses in my parent's living room, quickly grew into having a studio space and working for more established businesses.

Credentials aside, I'm just a gal with a camera that likes pretty spaces, good food, quality products, and helping businesses get the attention they deserve!

Outside of photography I enjoy hosting friends & family on the farm, snuggling our kitty, traveling the world, playing board & card games, and overall just enjoying this life!

After living our whole lives in Ohio and almost a year of full time travel, my hubby and I have settled down in Aberdeen, NC (hello, golfing and horses!). Whether you're local to Moore County NC, residing in Charleston, or across the country, I would love to photograph your projects.

My love for photography began 20 years ago


My mission is to create photographs that make people fall in love with your designs.


My photography journey began with a point & shoot camera and the need for a creative outlet. Simultaneously, I became obsessed with interior design. My free time, as a kid, was filled with taking random photos around my backyard and laying on my bed drawing up floor plans for my dream home.

I grew up believing photography would only be a hobby, I was told that photographers couldn't sustain themselves, so I pursued interior design as a career. After a few years in my collegiate program, I decided interior design wasn't quite for me. I had grown my portrait photography business on the side during that time and wanted to take it more seriously after dropping out of college.


2011 - started my business!

2011-2017: portrait work

2017 - rebrand!

2017 - in home "studio"

2011-2017: portrait work

2020 - big girl studio

2018 - lots of small businesses

2021 - nationally known clients!

2022 - traveling & commercial spaces

2021 - luxury homes

2023 - NC studio

Aberdeen, Nc

we moved!

now located

Ready to elevate your visual marketing this eyar? Whether you’re in North Carolina or across the country, the team at Caitlin Antjé will ensure that with one simple glance, the photographs of your business will attract new clients and keep your current clients coming back for more. 

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