My mission is to create photographs that make people fall in love with your designs.


For me, photography is all about romanticizing spaces. I live for the fact that I can grab my camera, step into a thoughtfully designed space, and capture photographs in a way that makes people think, “How can I stay there? I want to live here! I need to hire (insert your name here) to design my home!” 
Hi friend! I’m Cait, the photographer, strategist, and visionary behind Caitlin Antjé (AHN-TAY). I truly believe that the years I spent obsessing over interiors lead me to capturing the beauty of interior design & architecture through photography.

...just five short years before starting my professional photography business. As a kid, I’d spend my free time looking at floor plan books for hours while envisioning my perfect home. Afterwards, I’d draw out my own floor plans, grab paint samples from the local hardware store, and redecorate my bedroom to bring my interior dreams to life.
My experience in an interior design program opened my eyes to a world of creative job possibilities. Yet, it was while building my portrait photography business that my career path became clear: I could partner with designers to photograph their latest projects.

Since then, my passion for hospitality has grown as well. My husband and I love hosting people wherever we live (apartment, then house, now RV). We thoroughly enjoy experiencing other hospitality around the world as well: friend's homes, Airbnb's, rental properties, resorts, and hotels alike.
With a focus on holistic storytelling, my goal is to capture the atmosphere of your space through photographs. I’ll never just snap a few pictures and leave. Really though, it's a collaboration between you and I - both experts in our industries. I make sure to take the time to observe even the smallest details of your design and appreciate the atmosphere of the space you created.

This past year, my hubby and I hit the road and traveled up and down the east coast! I left my amazing assistant in Cleveland to photograph our projects while we searched for our next home base. After months of exciting travel, we've decided to settle down in the Southern Pines, NC area (hello, golfing and horses!). Whether you're located in Southern Pines, Cleveland, or across the country I would love to photograph your projects.

My love for interior design began 15 years ago


My mission is to create photographs that make people fall in love with your designs.


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Ready to show off the spaces you’ve so thoughtfully designed? Whether you’re in Northeast Ohio or across the country, the team at Caitlin Antjé will ensure that with one simple glance, the photographs of your designs will attract new clients and keep your current clients coming back for more. 

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