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Caitlin Antje LLC was created out of a love for shopping from small businesses, fascinated by small business operation, drawn to interior design, and recognizing a need in the industry. We live in the age of technology and online shopping. Too often, when I went to search for a business online, I was turned off by the lack of visual professionalism and consistency. My passion is for businesses, brands, and designers to thrive and one of the biggest ways to achieve that is by having strong visuals and a consistent online presence! 

The heart behind Caitlin Antje is to form relationships and lifelong work partnerships. Without help and support, businesses won't grow to their potential! 

I work closely with my clients to help identify areas of potential visual growth and elevate their businesses through consistent, custom, and on-brand photography. 

the photographer, strategist, and passion behind caitlin antje (ahn-tay) 

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When I'm not on shoots and meeting entrepreneurs/creatives, I enjoy spending time with my husband. We love traveling, hiking, catching breathtaking sunsets, and having game nights with friends. I also keep an array of indoor plants, love experiencing different cultures, and enjoy rainy days curled up with a good book or movie (I'm a sucker for a good rom-com)!

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