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Caitlin Antje LLC was created out of a love for shopping from small businesses, fascinated by small business operation, drawn to interior design, and recognizing a need in the industry. We live in the age of technology and online shopping. Too often, when I would go to search for a business online, I was turned off by the lack of visual professionalism and consistency. My passion is for businesses, brands, and designers to thrive and one of the biggest ways to achieve that is by having strong visuals and a consistent online presence. 

The heart behind Caitlin Antje is to form relationships and lifelong work partnerships. Without help and support, businesses won't grow to their potential! 

I work closely with my clients to help identify areas of potential visual growth and elevate their businesses through consistent, custom, and on-brand photography. Let's sit and chat over coffee!

My creative brain isn't meant to be stuck in a cubicle, crunching numbers, and sleeping through boring staff meetings.

I don't have a "traditional" job, but I wasn't created to have one either. 

I advocate for the creative community because when God designed you, He had a unique purpose in mind. All of your dreams, passions, and little quirks make up YOU and only you.

Embrace and live out your passions fearlessly and fiercely!

the photographer, strategist, and passion behind caitlin antje (ahn-tay) 

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born and raised

The more I explore it, the more I fall in love. CLE is where it's at! Besides the winter weather...

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Coffee...correction, mochas. I'm on the hunt for Cleveland's best mocha. Oh, and if you know of the best pastries/crepe/donut/waffle, let's be friends!

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dream job

Apparently my love of goats started back in my toddler years. Of course I don't remember this, but I have pictures to prove it. One day, I will be a proud goat mama! 

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inspired things

Every time I hit the thrift store, I look for something vintage to give my apartment a little unique touch.

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enfp represent

I constantly surround myself with people- anything from deep chats over coffee, game nights, or people watching in a cafe

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is my jam

Road trips, touring, hammock-ing, rollerblading, hiking, wandering, experiencing new cultures, being on the water... you name it!

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