February 7, 2018

Why Your Business Needs Professional Photos

Personally, and maybe I’m just a little bias, but my favorite part about small businesses are the professional photos. I follow business Instagram accounts just for the photos- who else is guilty of this?! And Pinterest, come on, that’s home of every girl’s inspiration (ok, maybe not all girls…). I will literally scroll through social media for hours just looking at “pretty photos” and get inspired.

But how many times have I not followed a business account because they don’t have nice looking photos? Sadly, too many times. And that’s horrible!

You can have a great product, story, and content but horrible photos and clients will either pass you up or won’t take you seriously as a business.


If we’re real with ourselves, we’ve all done it. Take a minute and think about this for a second. Do you have friends or family that have a product based business?- food, accessories, clothing, decor, etc? How many of them have professional photos and how many of them don’t? (You might have to go look at their social media/website real quick). Now honestly, and you don’t have to admit this to anyone, which accounts do you follow and which do you pass up because they don’t have professional photos?

I’m telling you. It matters. And maybe I don’t have to persuade you of this because you just realized it’s true- you’re more likely to follow someone because they LOOK professional and their photos are appealing (ok, maybe friends and family are a little different).

To my fellow creatives, my boss babes, my biz owners-

Every time a friend of mine jumps in the creative industry and decides to start a business, I’m quick to offer my services. I want them and their business to thrive from the beginning. I want yours to thrive too. This is what you were made to do.

If you have professional everything else- website, contracts, registered biz name, logo, etc- and crazy good content, why would you skip out on professional photos?

We are visual beings. Photos are the first thing our minds see (on social media and the web). All it takes is a split second for our minds to decide if we are interested in something by looking at  photos. Your photos could be deciding factor for a potential customer.

You are doing your business and products an injustice if you don’t have professional/consistent photos that match your brand.

From one creative biz owner to another, I urge you to look at and reevaluate this part of your biz. Do your photos compliment your content, heart, and brand? Not quite sure? Send me an email and let’s chat! I’d love to help you assess your business and creative problem solve. I know running a business can be hard or confusing at times, I am here to support and encourage you in every way possible!